Friday, October 24, 2008

Jennifer Hudson's Loss to her Family...

UPDATE 3: Jennifer's older sister Julia, makes a plea for the return of her 7 y/o son, Julian King. Yahoo! News

l-r: sister Julia, Jennifer Hudson, mom Darnel, c, nephew Julian 7

brother Jason, not pictured

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(below) older sister Julia, l, and Jennifer Hudson, r

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UPDATE 2: Cook County M.E. says mother/son suffered multiple gunshot wounds, defensive wounds on on vic indicates domestic violence, TMZ

UPDATE: William Balfour's mother, Michele Davis-Balfour speaks. CNN,


I'm not goin to draw this out.

Singer/actor Jennifer Hudson lost her mother and brother today.

According to TMZ, their bodies were discovered by a cousin.

Additionally, her sister Julia and nephew Julian, 7, are still missing.

The ignorant azz behind this terrible drama was Julia's husband William Balfour...who's served time in prison (7yrs) for attempted murder and is now on parole. What in the world was she doing with this loser, who knows. Thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and family-and we're praying for the safe return of Julia and Julian.

UPDATE****the loser, William Balfour was caught, taken into custody tonight at 11:26pm and refuses to cooperate as to the whereabouts of his stepchild. PLEASE TELL ME THE STATE OF ILLINOIS HAS THE DEATH PENALTY?!****

Jennifer Hudson

Jason, Jennifer's brother (killed)

Julian,7, mother is Jennifer's sister Julia (Julia & Julian are still missing)

William Balfour, 27, stepfather of Julian, and alleged shooter

Again, thoughts and prayers are with J-Hud and fam, and I'm praying William gets an huge helping of justice served on his azz.

**selling a car, that's a straight up crack head move, if I've ever seen one...smh**

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And on that note...

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