Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yes...It's Been A Minute-I'VE BEEN BIZ DOGGONE IT!! LOL

Anyhooo, I'm not one to disappoint.  I've been browsing over at one of the funniest blogs in the 'hood and I'm goin to share with you some thought provoking or vomit-inducing pics. 


It all depends on your perspective, lol

With no further ado, I bring you pics from YKYDAW

The first pic is called:

"I am so KREE8IV!!"

NO. This is not a BUTTERFLY. Keep looking. sigh

Are you as traumatized, as I am????


I hope the Walt Disney Corp., slap this stank with a lawsuit. An injunction, sue her for maliciousness, disrespect...SOMETHING:


Where's the Nad's Wax hair removal informercial when you NEED IT?!

Wrong on TOO MANY levels!


These ghettofabu hairstyles are common in Detroit-

go to a bank, or a dr's office and you'll see 'round the way girls rocking this ish

 (not sure where this chick is from)


I believe that children are our future...TEACH THEM WELL and let them lead the way...sigh

at least the background ain't dirty-like other Ja'Quan (that's probably his name anyway) seems to be used to these kinds of displays by mama, smh

Looks like he's thinking, "Same Ish, different Day"



U R Misrepresentin' Team Fatback, HONEY!!

I do NOT want to even IMAGINE what kind of pic those two cheeks equal, *bowing head*


If I Were A Boy...I Swear I'd be a BETTER MANNNNNNNNNNN

Have boobs...will travel!

2 Snaps, and  6 claps for the chirren


Ok, looking at that soft belly, loss of elasticity in her skin (arm) I can tell this is an older woman.  Must this soror's claim to fame be those godawful nails?? How can she help the community with those fangled talons?? Gawd!  The lady sitting in the background seems to be pondering the same questions, lol



Forget what I said about the dragon lady above.


I have an overwhelming sensation to violent jerk a head back right now!

This heffa IS SEXUALLY ASSAULTING A BDAY CAKE,  and who's the INSTIGATOR holding her hair while she sucks the frosting off the cake??!!


Is she gay?? Thus the rainbow-hued eagle talons??


I think I'm in love! 


Ok...I'm all for representin' your set (fraternity)...but this is when branding goes wrong!  Keloids WILL NEVER be cute.  Dude needs to see a dermatologist to laser that mess of mass off STAT!!


So Easy...Even a Cave(wo)man can do it!

Seriously, who's idea was this for the tattoo? The inker (as a joke) or the girl (who'd be in denial)?  


If I Were A Boy, I Swear I'd Be A Better Mannnnnnnn v 2.0

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And on that note...

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