Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Asian Student At VA Tech NUTS THE HELL UP

It doesn't seem to me that Asians are passive AT ALL!

How in the world do you explain this bizarre tragedy?
A Chinese student stabs and decapitates another Chinese student.
My gawd! 22yr old Xin Yang arrived at VA Tech only TWO WEEKS ago, on January 8th.
Haiyang Zhiu, 25, killed Yang at the Au Bon Pain Restaurant in the Graduate Life Center. When he was arrested he had blood on his clothes and said nothing.
Well hell, what is there to say?!

Victim, Yang (L), Killer, Zhiu (R) below:

Image source

The last time there was a murder it was the hands of another Asian student, Seung Hio Cho, who killed 33 people (including himself) in April of 2007.
Read the rest of this story here.

Prayers are with the friends and family.

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And on that note...

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