Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gu Gu's gone Cuckoo!

I guess Panda Bears has gangsta in them after all!  At least Gu Gu the Giant Panda at the Beijing Zoo does.  Gu Gu the panda (pic'd below) has taken a bite out of a visitor for the 3rd time!   This time GuGu chewed up a 28y/o father, Zhang Jiao, who was tryin to catch a small toy his child had thrown and fell into the pen that contained Gu Gu.  *If he bought the the toy at the zoo, I see why he attempted to catch it...zoo souvenirs cost a RIDICULOUS amount of money!!

Uh-uh, after Zhang fell into the pen, Gu-Gu went goony goo-goo and commenced to biting one leg, and then Jiao's other leg.  When Gu-Gu finished, Jiao saw his own blood dripping from Gu-Gu's mouth.  *it would've been lights out, fade to black had that been me!!!

Now had that been the U.S., Gu-Gu would be a) A stuffed animal or B) shipped off to Antartica somewhere!

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