Saturday, February 14, 2009

Single on Valentine's Day??

UPDATE as of 9:38pm: While driving west on Michigan Ave. thru the city of Dearborn, my son and I noticed a couple having an animated conversation. While both cars were stopped at the traffic light, we noticed the couple weren't having an animated conversation, but a heated conversation!! So heated was the convo, my son and I were able to read the man's (driver) lips. I told my son that looks like a possible Chris Brown/Rihanna situation and I AM SOOOOOO GLAD I AM SINGLE!! My son replied, 'me too, ma!'

I'm single on Valentine's Day.

I just returned from dropping my youngest child off at the mall, so he can celebrate Valentine's Day with his special friend.

I was ok, until I had to get out of the car and FIND my son because he was unable to reach the ATM (he was kicked out-too crowded in the mall on the movie theatre side)...OMG, couples-young and old-were everywhere, in the restaurants, jewelry shops, walking hand-in-hand, well u get the idea. I suddenly began to feel claustrophobic, overwhelmed and dare I say...unworthy?!

What in the hell????

Well, needless to say I had to remember who I am and I realized that I'm ok with or without a partner. Then I decided to go to Youtube for I dedicate these videos to YOU-the singles on Valentine's Day!! In Michigan, single must not only contend with Valentine' Day but there's also Sweetest Day in October...HUH???

My man keeps it real...I LOVE IT! **contains graphic language & profanity**

The advantages to being single: NO risk of domestic violence (look at the news), no financial pressure to outdo last year's gift, we look younger!!, having to hear what so-and-so's man did/didn't do this year blah blah blah



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