Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unbeweavable Weave Saves Life

Finally...when being ghetto pays off!

Briana Bonds was shot at by her ex-bf Juan Kemp, after she spurned his love.  Juan decided to rain down bullets upon Briana's car-little did he know the weave she's rocked faithfully would prevent his no good azz from being charged murder.  Check out Briana as she recounts the story, and how her burgundy-ish weave helped her have 15 minutes of fame.

(Juan Kemp, below)

Juan Kemp


Her weaveologist can pay for the windshield since she's goin to have all kinds of females from the hood wanting to get their wigs tightened!  That's some publicity-Youtube!

Also, check out Africanboi's commentary-hilarious *profanity is used*

check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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