Thursday, March 26, 2009

George Weber May Have Been a Great Newsman, but I'll remember him as a Pedophile...

Former WABC newsman, George Weber (above)

Font size Weber's alleged murderer, 16 yr old John Katehis (above center)
Hey, when I heard of this newsman getting killed, I was like 'wow' cuz I immediately thought about that young news anchor woman, Anne Pressly who was beaten in her apt., and died from the injuries she sustained. Well hell, after I kept reading the story...and rereading certain details, I was scratching my head...I'm asking myself 'danggggg, ol' dude was a pedophile????' I mean I am not tripping off of him wanting 'rough sex', hell that regular stuff does get was whom he decided to have his encounter with... damn, a 16yr old BOY???
I don't care how you slice, dice, and sautee this mess it all boils down to how Weber was a pedophile. I'm sure he was the cliche 'fun, easygoing, will give the shirt off of his back' kind of guy...but come one...this man was caught with a damn child. And he sure picked the right one...cuz that boy used his ass as a's said ' "Weber was stabbed approximately 50 times to the neck, the front and the back of his upper torso and both arms," Kelly said. "He also had defensive knife wounds to his hands.' My gawd, that man didn't know that kids these days are crazy as hell?? Well he sure found out the hard way. Btw, the alleged murder John Katehis has confessed to the murder.
A pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile. Famous pedophile, no name brand pedophile...I'm sorry they all don't meet such endings. The man had a deathwish anyway, meeting someone on Craigslist. He probably still would've gotten killed by meeting someone on Craigslist. He just met his fate when he chose a child to tangle with.
No adult should seek sexual interludes with a child-a 16yr old IS A CHILD. Read of this hot mess here.
If you happen to be friends or family of George your breath-I ain't trying to hear it...unless evidence proved he was not trying to sex up a 16yr old-which I doubt, but it is possible!
Stay tuned for this mess...

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