Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Swear Google has read my mind!


I cannot begin to tell you how many times, I've sent out an email from my Google/Yahoo account and wished I had a recall button to bring the email back, like I have at work on my Microsoft Outlook account. Having that option would allow me to put everything in one email, instead of thinking of new things AFTER I sent the email, and then having to send another email. Or better yet, when a name that looks like the one u meant to send it to pops up in the address field and becomes the unintended recipient of an email not intended for their eyes, the recall button DEFINITELY comes in handy!!
Well, I'll be doggone if Google hasn't somehow telepathically took my dilemma out of my head, and made it a reality!! Introducing the Gmail 'Undo Send' button. The Undo Send button does just 'undos' the email u just sent. How do you enable the Undo Send button?? Simply go into your email, click Settings, Click Labs (on the right side), scroll to Undo Send option, click enable and VOILA-u'll never have to plan a quick get away trip do to an email landing in the wrong box!! Check out other options under the Labs setting!

Happy Gmailing!!

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