Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Gawd, Now's the time for action-not more tongue wagging!

UPDATE 03.10.09: Apparently, someone's gotten a whiff of my post (hee hee) cuz Miss Ca-razy, err Nadya Suleman, has decided to or at least is mulling accepting help from an outside source to care for her brood. An organization called 'Angels in Waiting' will be providing round the clock care for Angelina Nadya's 8 infants...which is estimated to cost $135,000 PER MONTH!! omg, that's a staggering $1,620,000.00 a year!! omg!! that's crazy. AND RIDDLE ME THIS BATMAN...if Papa Suleman can buy Angelina Nadya a $549,000 home-why is Mama Suleman's home in foreclosure?? Something's awful fishy in Denmark. I'm just saying. The bright side is, Nadya stopped playing crazy long enuf to get those kids some much needed help...the bad side is we haven't heard the last of Nadya. smh source


I don't know Nadya Suleman and she doesn't know me. However, now that her fame has turned to infamy I'm getting tired of going to my online news sites and being bombarded with the latest dysfunction activity Suleman has been involved in. Correction, as I was on my way to work, I heard a 911 call, where Suleman-obviously distressed- was saying she wanted to kill herself when she believed her 5y/o child was lost. sigh That was one call I could've gone w/out hearing, but like a car wreck I couldn't tear myself away.

We know, Suleman isn't playing with a full deck. We know she's contradicted herself numerous times, and for whatever reason she wants to look like Angelina Jolie. She should've started re-making her bank account first. Angelina can afford her crew-Suleman can't. But that's neither here nor there. The fact is all 14 of those children are here. They're here and this is where the African proverb comes into play: 'It takes a village to raise a child.' Well how many villages does it take to raise 14?! While we're tearing Suleman apart for being an idiot, stupid, irresponsible and all kinds of other unsavory adjectives-the question that begs an answer is...what are we as a community going to do? Without question-we'll foot the bill for childcare, medical etc. I don't have the answer, but I'm tired of saying what she already knows. She knows she's up the creek without a paddle. She knows she's in over her head. She knows she's a fool. She even knows she's a hot mess. How are we as a community going to help this woman who has about as many kids as the old woman who lived in a shoe?? I don't remember the nursery rhyme mentioning anything about the old lady having a significant other either!! lol What are we going to do to help Suleman remain sane so that she doesn't drown her kids? What are we going to do so that she doesn't become so overwhelmed (due to the public's comments) that she blows the brains out of her children and herself?? This woman needs help.

We're so quick to say America the beautiful, I love Jesus, I'm a Christian-Jew-Muslim-Catholic-Atheist etc...but what are we going to do to help Nadya Suleman?? Now's the time to prove how patriotic we are, now's the time to prove our convictions are worth standing on...what am I going to do to help Nadya Suleman. I don't know-but I do know...I am my sister's keeper.

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