Saturday, April 18, 2009

Danity Kane-Dunzo???

After all of this time, I thought this group had a chance. Eventhough the group had lost members like Destiny's Child 1.0, I still thought they wud survive. Dang. It's just not worth getting used to singing groups cuz u never know when they're going to call it a wrap. Maybe it's just as well...Puffy has major commitment issues-and maybe they'll be better off as solo artists. but I'd like to ask Puffy: 'how ur gonna fix it, fix it, fix it, how ur gonna fix it, fix it fix it...puffy I gotta knoowwwww, what r u gonnnnna doooooo...??

Rule #1: If puffy signs u, cash and save those checks...the ride can end any minute!!

image source, Bossip

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