Monday, April 20, 2009

More than just a pretty face...

Angie (Justin) Zapata, killed 7/17/08

To the naked eye, Angie Zapata was a beautiful young woman. However, when one looks further, it was revealed 'Angie' was really Justin. Although, many have laughed at Jerry Springer episodes when a 'she' declared to her lover she's really a 'he' -in Angie's (Justin) case it wasn't was fatal.

When it was discovered that Angie was a biological male-her 'almost lover' killed her. He, Allen Andrade, has confessed to killing 'It' meaning Angie (Justin) as Andrade constantly refers to her. Last July (17th) Andrade beat Zapata to death in her home because he was deceived.

Granted, I'd be LIVID if I found out a male I was interested in was really a woman-but to the point of murder?? This court case has many watching with bated breath-what will this mean for other transgendered individuals? What will this mean for the person who killed a transgendered person?? More on the trial, here

More pics of 'Angie'

Confessed murderer, Allen Andrade (below)

Live Coverage (if after 4pm PST) continues tomorrow at 9am PST, here

check out Bria's Own Words

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