Monday, April 20, 2009

I Swear...y'all ain't gone worry me!!

No love is more powerful (except the love of Christ), than that of Dysfunctional Love!!


I wrote about these two ragamuffins, Darrius McRary & Karrine Fellatio Expert Steffans in 2007-here. In that post, Darrius aka Eddie Winslow-decided to air some business about Karrine-she's spoiled. NO shyt! Karrine also said in other reports that Darrius had a penchant for anal beads. Whatever.

Now it seems these crazy kids need to generate some publicity, since they've been faded to black for quite some time-what the hell, it's a slow news day (not writing about Columbine's 10 yr anniversary-no way)-

Well it seems they took Beyonce's advice...Darrius liked it and so he put a ring on it...oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohoh hohh ohohohohohohohoh...

Mrs. Cryptic-Enigma-Cat & Mouse Games McRary didn't divulge much about the marriage, wedding, sham-whatever u want to call it- and I'm glad I wasn't the interviewer cuz I would've walked out. I could think of plenty of other M-listers I could've interviewed.

Click here to read the rest of bull she's talking about.

check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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