Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Just Don't Understand....Why?!

Considering the fact Tennessee has a death row inmate who's been chilling at the expense of the TN residents since September 1978, it is highly unlikely the monster picture on the left will be meeting his maker anytime soon.

The young man pictured on the left is named James Hawkins and he's accused of murdering his girlfriend, Charlene Gaither. Well, stabbing and strangling Gaither wasn't enough for Hawkins. I'm not sure if he viewed a horror movie where the body re-animates itself, but Hawkins (for safe measure) dismembered this poor woman and enlisted the aid of his and the deceased's then 12yr old DAUGHTER , Keyuna!!

According to the forever mind-fuc*ed little girl, she "told authorities she witnessed her mother's murder and was forced to help dismember her body and dispose of the parts. She said her father threatened to kill her if she did not cooperate." Based on what she saw with her own eyes, she knew his crazy ass would follow thru with killing her if she refused.
I understand being against Capital Punishment due to innocent being executed, but in the case of James Hawkins-administering a lethal injection to kill his demented ass is too humane! I say quarter his ass and be done with it!! Read more about this insane mofo here>>>
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