Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looks Like Somebody's Jumped Ship!

Oh my!! Things must be tight over in the Republican camp...as they've lost another supporter. After this past campaign, I too must admit I've distanced myself from the Republican camp as well. They're more catty and miserable than 5 bbws riding around in a Smart Car!!

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter basically gave Republicans the peace sign as he crossed over to 'the other side' (Democrats). Oh honey, I know those rascals were gossiping up a blue streak and I wouldn't be surprised if some ugly scandalicious tidbit rear its ugly head in regards to Specter.

***Note to Specter: If an extremely beautiful woman (or man-I'm not judging) comes your way, flirts and want to take you a beautiful hotel room (or the mo-mo, I'm not judging) RUNNNNN...it's a damn set up! You'll be taped with voiceovers and the recording will show you doing all kinds of unsavory activity....DON'T DO IT!! ***

After carefully considering both sides of the coin, Specter said and I paraphrase, I'm outta here!! While he knew he was disappointing many people, Specter kept it real and said the disappointment was mutual. According to Specter, in Pennsylvania alone 200,000 Republicans voted as Dems. Can you say, da-zamm??The numbers may not be universal, but many Republicans (myself included) voted Democratic in the 2008 Presidential election. While I'm not crazy about Obama, I'm not disappointed in him either. I've never seen such a public display of desperation as I did in the past Presidential capaign...I've never been so embarrassed!! (sorry, just had a flashback...woosahhhh).

Unfortunately for Specter, Republicans are short on forgiveness and long on vengeance. In 2010, Specter will be fighting for his senate seat harder than Blagojevich was trying to sell tthen Sen. Obama's seat!! This'll definitely prove to be interesting. While Specter may not experience total bliss, I believe he will experience peace to an extent in the Dems camp-there he'll see people are two-faced to his face and not behind his back, lol. Well, one good thing is...Pres. Obama did express his support to Specter-how's that for an ally?!

Stay tuned as the mudpies turn into mudslinging sometime this year and next. Godspeed, Specter!!

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