Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Time to Hold These Aesthetic Competition Organizations Accountable...

By now you've all heard or seen pics of the emaciated Australian model, Stephanie Naumoska. If you haven't look below. My heart goes out to this poor child because when I first viewed her pics, though I was shocked at her body-I was not repulsed. I was damn outraged! My immediate thought was, 'what ass caused her to take (poor) control over her body and rebel?' What idiot asked, 'have you gained a few pounds?,' 'are you gaining weight?,' 'I don't remember you being this large...' etc?!
Who is the punk that caused this woman-child to delve into a world of TOTAL delusion and lose weight w/out care regarding her life or health?? Usually, it's not one incident that causes a person to go to such lengths. Possibly, adverse comments were made in regard to her body or maybe Stephanie's self-esteem drove her to compare her beautiful self to those she deemed more beautiful and in an attempt to be as beautiful as those she THOUGHT were more beautiful...the result being her skeletal figure.,,6592754,00.jpg
The questions I'd like to pose to the Miss Universe Australia Organization are: Your asses couldn't tell this girl was ill?? How could you allow her to walk the runway let alone, enter the pageant?? Aren't you supposed to set an example for all little Australian girls who one day would like the honor of gracing your crown?? Do you feel responsible at all ?? It matters to me not that Stephanie gave a convincing (to her and others who are just as deluded) interview, denying she has an eating order (what person with an eating HASN'T BEEN IN DENIAL?!).
**to be outraged further, read the comments in the Youtube video (below), ridiculous**

She says that she's always been skinny-no one is tripping off her being skinny, we're up in arms because we're seeing your skeleton!! We can hang your ass on a hook and use you in anatomy class and learn about the various bone groups! Also, saying you've always looked like that isn't true either when your many many model pics depicts otherwise. And let's keep it real: since when does the photographers manipulate images to ADD WEIGHT-they'll always make you skinnier. So your theory there is blown, Stephanie.

While the BMI is skewed from here to high heaven, measures need to be put in place to insure all of the young women are of a healthy weight in order to compete. How they come to conclude what a healthy weight is up to the experts...i can't provide all of the damn answers. In the meantime, the damn media needs to stop courting Stephanie for interviews and find her the nearest facility that can assist and treat her. There are innocent girls who are paying attention, damn!

For more information on eating disorders, please visit the website: National Eating Disorders. There you'll learn about the various types of eating disorders, symptoms, clues, hints, ways you can help etc.

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