Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Undeserving A$$...

I've been reflecting on my blog lil brother Zack, author of the Go Zack blog. Soon, Zack will be graduating with a degree and he reflected in a heartfelt post that it's hard for him to watch others get blessed. In his own words, Zack said, '...I did everything the way I was told. I was told to be a good boy, get an education, and work hard in order to live a happy life.' Zack was thinking about these overpriced, idolized athletes who gets paid an illegal sum of $$ who'll '...never need a math equation benefit from the law of mathematics... smh What's the point in doing the 'right' thing when it's those with the right look, right hook, right dunk, best dance moves who'll be rewarded???

I'm getting to my point. I read a story at Highbrid Nation (HN) about Kobe. NO, not the damn beef-Kobe Bryant, the athlete. It seems Spike Lee was filming a documentary on Kobe entitled, 'Kobe Doin' Work.' HN reported NY Post's Page Six story saying Kobe was back to his selfish ways again (before the documentary was filmed) in that he wanted creative control over the documentary-wow, so does that mean Spike Lee get control over the damn basketball during an actual game?? Of course not. According to Page Six, Lee had to drive out to Bryant's house and even then was refused entry.
Who knows if it's true or not, Page Six goes on to report:

"It went so far that Lee had a last-minute plan to substitute Spurs star Tim Duncan for Kobe and make the whole documentary about Duncan," said our source.

But Kobe and Spike somehow worked it out, and Lee is being a good soldier promoting the Kobe picture, which screened Saturday night at the Tribeca Film Festival.

"Spike Lee completely yielded," said one insider. "And at the start of the film, when Kobe arrives at the Staples Center and sees Spike with the camera, he gives him a big smile and thumbs up, showing he knows he won the battle."

A spokesman for Lee claimed he retained creative control and called the story of the dispute "completely baseless." But Bryant -- who's known to be a control freak when it comes to his public image -- couldn't come off better in Lee's flattering homage.

Bryant is one of many examples celebrities who are overrated and overpaid. Why is it that celebrities can act a total bitch and get away with it?? Cuz the powers-that-be doesn't hold them accountable. While in the meantime good guys such as Zack, the guy next door, the guy down the street etc are finishing last thru no fault of their own. We really have our priorities twisted when non-singing celebs (Akon, T-pain) are construed as singing and greatly rewarded financially, non-acting is lauded, celebs can have multi-DUIs and do 15 minutes in jail (need I go there), sex up and piss on a child w/out repercussions (oh please! I saw the video IT WAS HIM!!) get out of rehab/jail due to ailing mother (Redmond O'Neal) etc., arrange firings & flings via text message, be charged with multi-felonies and serve 90 days in jail and then is rewarded with a six-figure job in TX (former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick)


Stick a fork in me, I'm done with this mess

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