Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who'st Going to be NCAA Champs- Michigan State Spartans or NC Tarheels?


I have NEVER been this excited over a college sporting event, but watching the NCAA games at Detroit Ford Field on Friday 4/4/9 was riveting! I watched game #1 Mich. State vs. UConn and game #2 North Carolina vs. Villanova. BOTH of my teams advanced to the championships. Being a Michigander, I'm hoping against hope the Spartans will win. All of MI's underdogs come through in the end except the Detroit Lions. lol Having said that while the Spartan has the drive and the determination to win the championship, I truly believe the Tar Heels will come away with the trophy-they have the strength.

We'll see how it develops. The final game airs tomorrow at 9pm EST, check ur local listings for the channel.

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