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Black Girl+ Drugs+ Pregnant+ Foreign Country+ Firing Squad-Chances= STILL BETTER than if she lived in AmeriKKKa

UPDATE: Samantha's pregnancy has saved her from the firing squad! source>>

Question: WHERE IS THE ASSHOLE who PERSUADED this stupid ass girl to think this would be a great idea?!!
Here is Samantha, pregnant, dumb as hell (well she's probably bought a clue or two by now-at least I hope so!!), scared to death, brought up on drug charges facing a damn firing squad-where is the MAN who convinced her to do this?? I smell a man all over this! Good thing she's a brit-cuz if she were an african-american and that mess had transpired in America-she'd be through anyway. Now, am I saying Samantha should be absolved of her wrongdoing?? Hell no. Unfortunately, when in Rome your ass is supposed to do as the Romans do-and when you decide to break the law on unchartered territories you- well she's finding that out now!! What with internet on every corner, she should've made it her damn business (she's pregnant for gawd's sake) to find out what the punishment would be should she get caught!! Did she forget she's susceptible to INTERNATIONAL LAW??? I just feel sorry for the unborn child. I'm an impartial critic, ok?? When silly ass American-bred Michael Fay was tearing up people's mailboxes, cars etc in Singapore and the punishment was caning-I said CANE HIS ASS!!

It's sad that Samantha's in this dire situation, but I'm hoping the Court would take her stupidity into consideration or at least the unborn child-esp. in light of the fact Samantha's been locked up for 8 mos., and is FIVE MONTHS do the math, boo!!

Again-she could be getting tried in Amerikka. Anytime you get a life sentence for carrying CRACK ROCKS and receive probabation for powder KNOW you're in a North American Court getting an unfair trial.

Read Samantha's story below...u can't help but shake your head at this mess. source>>

Samantha Orobator, 20

(HO/AFP/Getty Images)

Samantha Orobator, 20, faces a mandatory death penalty on charges of heroin smuggling

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A pregnant Briton who could face a firing squad for allegedly trying to smuggle heroin out of Laos will receive a fair trial, the country's Government said — even though she has yet to be assigned a lawyer.

Human rights groups fear that Samantha Orobator, 20, from South London, will not be able to defend herself properly when her trial — which was due to start today, but has been delayed — begins.

Ms Orobator has been in jail in the Communist country since August, when she was accused of trying to smuggle 1.5lb (0.68kg) of heroin in her luggage. Laos has a mandatory death penalty for those convicted of smuggling more than 1.1lb (0.5kg).

Anna Morris, a lawyer with the British-based human rights group Reprieve, said she was concerned that trial would not meet the judicial standards of most countries.

"She hasn’t been appointed a lawyer yet and that has been our concern," Ms Morris said. "We are concerned that any hearing may be quite quick in comparison to what will happen in other countries."

Ms Morris, who has travelled to Vientiane, the country’s capital, has been granted permission to meet Ms Orobator. She said that the group was worried about Ms Orobator's health.

Reprieve says that she is five months pregnant, having been in custody for more than eight months. It could not confirm whether she was raped in prison, and the circumstances of her pregnancy remain unclear.

"We are concerned about the effect of the uncertainty on Sam’s wellbeing ... given her age, her vulnerability, her pregnancy," Ms Morris said. "We just seek clarity from the Laos Government as soon as possible as to what exactly is going to happen so that we can advise her properly."

Ms Orobator had been in jail for months before the British Government learnt of her detention. British authorities have been able to visit her only for 20 minutes, once a month.

The British vice-consul from Bangkok in neighbouring Thailand flew to Laos yesterday to try to see Ms Orobator. Bill Rammell, the Foreign Office Minister, said that he would raise the case with the Laotian Deputy Prime Minister when they meet in Britain on Thursday.

Ms Morris said: "There has been a significant shift in this trial date. We are still unclear as to the reason for that.

"We are working closely with the British Embassy in Thailand and are encouraging them to do whatever is necessary to put pressure on the authorities to ensure her welfare."

A Laotian government spokesman refused to comment on the charges against Ms Orobator, her medical condition or allegations that she was abused in prison.

"The trial is expected to be held this week but I don’t know the exact dates," Khenthong Nuanthasing said, adding that the date was up to the judge. "The trial will be carried out fairly."

Ms Orobator was born in Nigeria but lived with her aunt in Camberwell and Peckham from the age of eight. She left the country to travel to Ireland, the Netherlands and Thailand and is understood to have been arrested in Laos on her way back to Britain.

Phonthong prison, where she is being held, has a reputation for beatings and brutality. Cells measuring 4 sq m house up to six prisoners.

The daily ration reportedly consists of two bowls of pig-fat water soup and a bowl of sticky rice, with most prisoners relying on their families to deliver food. Prisoners have reported incidents of abuse and torture, with some inmates having their genitals burnt.

Since 2003 at least 39 people have been sentenced to death in Laos.

Ms Orobator's mother, Jane, a student at Trinity College Dublin, broke down as she spoke of her fears for her daughter.

"I’m so scared," she said. "I’m just appealing to the British Government, to the Laos authorities, to just please release her. They should just being her back to me. Please.

"I just want them to bring her back to me. I’m really terrified. I have been crying my eyes out."

Mrs Orobator said that she had no idea why her daughter was in Laos last summer and did not believe the news of her arrest. She said that the allegations were out of character for her daughter, whom she described as a quiet, shy, small-built girl who looks like a young teenager.

The director of Reprieve, Clive Stafford Smith, described the legal process in Laos as a farce. "The trial is just being put on as a show," he said. "They wanted to get it all over with before she was able to see a British lawyer.

"She is five months pregnant, without ever having met a lawyer, facing a show trial for her life.

"If this provokes a miscarriage, the Laotians should understand that they have caused the death of this baby. There can hardly be a circumstance where scheduling a capital trial is less appropriate."

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