Monday, May 04, 2009

Deelishis' 15 minutes of fame is now clocked at 2:13...

I'm not sure as to the reason behind Deelishis peddling her sex tape. Maybe it's about 'creative control' lol who the hell knows. I have to admit, being from Detroit (as is Deelishis) I can't help but wonder when will black celebs put us (Detroit) on the map the way Eminem, Kidd Rock etc does w/out looking damn ridiculus. Deelishis visited a radio station clad in turquoise spandex, with her pretty dimples (on her face cheeks) and was very happy to speak on the reasons for making the tape... boo! If her daughter's not online...her daughter's damn friends are. My gawd...Deelishis you've been out on the scene long enuf to have made some connections so you can make money w/out sacrificing body parts. But hey...niggas will make your ass rich-those singles do add up lol. Somebody's gotta do it, right?? Check out the ass, the dimples and her putting it out there she's got a sex tape. She's such a beautiful woman, I'm not sure why she has to resort to such...antics?? but hey, I don't have to pay her bills. The question that begs asking is, what celebrity DOESN'T HAVE A DAMN SEX TAPE?! I guess it must be a money making industry when celebs are 'leaking' their own tapes. *yawn* I guess. Not very original though-and I doubt if D-list (black) celebs will command a high $$$ in sales. Ray-J was lucky cuz of Kard(ass)ian. Whatev.

Hey, I just thought of another ???...whatev happened to Deelishis' fiancee?? Remember they were making rounds and there were Olan Mills pics her, fiancee and daughters took together?? Remember this cover?? here>>

Check out the vid:

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