Friday, May 01, 2009

Justice David Souter to retire, accdg to source
Justice David Souter is ready to retire at the end of October 2009. At least that's what all of the reports are saying. This is one justice who managed to stay under the radar, as I've never heard of him. hmph I did a little background check on him, and I thought it was interesting that although former President Bush appointed him, Souter was known to be liberal. Even Sen. Ted Kennedy voted against his appointment.

One thing I liked reading about him, is that he doesn't believe court should be a 3-ring circus. He's not a 'Lights-camera-action-I"m ready for my close-up' kind of judge. He's quoted as saying, '"I can tell you the day you see a camera come into our courtroom, it's going to roll over my dead body." I heard that, Judge!! lol

Did you know, Justice Souter:
  • mountain climbs?
  • was attacked by youths in 2004 while jogging
  • is an eligible bachelor-never married?
  • Writes with a fountain pen, does not email
  • doesn't use a cell phone
  • doesn't utilize an answering machine
  • has no TV
My gawd, I think I'm in love!! lol

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