Friday, May 01, 2009

Hey Max! Welcome Back!

I had the pleasure of meeting this amazingly humble man a couple of years back when he was taking a stroll in Birmingham, MI. I give it to him...his bodyguard was on point, thought he was going to clothesline my a$$ lol It wasn't that serious lol I mouthed to Maxwell, 'please, can I just go get a pen??' he nodded and pointed with his head where he could be found. A cute little jeans boutique that no longer exists lol Well lo and behold, Maxwell was there and after he called his Rottweiller (i.e. bodyguard) off of my a$$, he engaged in conversation with me for approx 20 minutes. Yes, he suffers from stagefright. And maybe I could braid his hair one day-no. It was worth asking, lol

Anywayz, I present to you a new video by Maxwell entitled, "Pretty Wings":

Thanks, Quick!

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