Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oral Sex: The NEW Goodnight Kiss???

First we as parents had to worry about our kids being molested. Then we had to be concerned with kids engaging in early sex. Then there was the kids meeting kids/adults from online sites. How about kids being abused by other kids in domestic relationships?? Well, now we have to worry about our kids performing oral sex as their way of saying, 'goodnight.' My gawd...what is this world coming to?

ABC presented the documentary called 'Oral Sex Is The New Kiss Goodnight" by Canadian Sharlene Azam and in it young girls-as young as damn 11-are very frank about their sexual exploits. From tricking to get homework done to flat out prostituting. I like how the article said the 'girls are almost always from good homes,' (i.e, WASP). Yeah uhh weren't the kids who shot up Columbine from 'good homes?', what about the Melendez bros?? I guess if the kids were from broken homes, or the hood such antics would be expected. I'm just saying.

It seems oral sex, from girls' viewpoint, is necessary in order to keep a relationship. Hell, I know of adult relationships that evaporated over the same issue.

It is unbelievable that young ladies' bodies, which used to be a prized possession-has now decreased and diminished in value all in an attempt to be accepted, valued or receive material goods by a male counterpart. What happened that these YOUNG female are willing to barter their bodies in exchange for perishable goods?? Weren't these girls taught to value their bodies??? smh

Keeping it real, I was a full grown ass woman before I THOUGHT about and attempted what these teens are doing NOW with no hesitation!! This shit has me trippin for real!!

Read the rest of the story here>>

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