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Bonnie Sweeten, in the custody of Bucks County and Upper Southampton detectives, is escorted Friday night into the court of District Justice William Benz in Richboro. (David Swanson / Staff Photographer)
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Well dayum!! Who'd a thunk it?! Apparently, prejudice ass PA isn't as 'Sweet' on Bonnie Sweeten as I thought they'd be. I stand corrected (seriously). The Philadelphia Inquirer reports (words in parenthesis by me!):
A Bucks County magistrate late last night set bail at $1 million for Bonnie Sweeten, the Feasterville woman who drew national attention with a fake claim that she and her 9-year-old daughter had been kidnapped (BY 2 BLACK MEN-keep the shit straight!!) when instead she had fled to Walt Disney World.

Her being a flight risk is the reason for the astronomical bail amount. Well, all her lying ass has to dip into that $300,000 she allegedly stole and pull out $100k and set her ass free*she only needs 10%-well she can tell her hubby (or ex, whom I think is still in love with her. My theory: she left his ass cuz she caught a bigger fish...but that's just me-pure speckalation!!) where she hid the $ and then bada boom bada bing clink clink rattle bars until HER DAMN SENTENCING! She's a piece of damn work-accused of stealing from her relatives. The Inquirer goes on to say, 'The alleged thefts may have involved clients of the law firm where she worked, family members, or both. According to a police detective with knowledge of the investigation, one or more of the accounts were in the names of Sweeten's parents.' She's off the damn hook! smh

Mrs thang is a paralegal (shout out TO THE LEGITIMATE PARALEGALS) who had Truffle dreams with T-bone steak money.
I guess some folks have wised up to her lying ass cuz the Inquirer also reported:
During the 35 hours or so Sweeten that spent in jail, she made seven phone calls, according to the jail log, mostly to her husband, Richard L. Sweeten Jr., and all during a short period on Thursday night.

None of the calls was completed. In some instances the collect charge was not accepted. On several other calls, Sweeten apparently hung up before they were answered.

I heard that, they knew she wasn't going to anything except lie and not take responsibility for her actions...look at her pattern. Anyhooo...until the next update, you can read about this heffa here>>

UPDATE 2: Now that it's established that Bonnie Sweeten's a selfish, lying, thieving, embezzling, bad acting, manipulative money-grubbing ass who didn't even THINK of her husband AND OTHER CHILDREN...what now??? I'm INCREDULOUS at the fact that the media- QUICKLY ASSUMED AND BELIEVED black men were involved in this imaginary ass abduction-and were quick to report the story, this LIE, FABRICATION, UNTRUTH whatever you want to call it- a story that was FULL OF HOLES from its inception btw- but has since EXTRICATED the word 'BLACK' as in 'BLACK MEN' from their stories. LOL I guess they didn't think we'd notice!!

UPDATE: She was a damn lie just like I said she was. How is this thieving ass bitch going to blame BLACK men bcuz she's an embezzler and a thief. She got caught up in STEALING $300,000 from her former employer and the bitch went on the run. And I guess her adrenaline was still pumping and the need to steal hadn't been quite fulfilled so she stole her (now former) co worker's damn ID and headed to Orlando, Fla. Honey with friends like that..well u know the rest. Did she really think she was going to blend in with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck's ass?! WTF?? It's not all white people, I'm aiming my anger's these cowardly ass mofos who commit a crime and instead of holding themselves accountable when it gets hot...they fall back on the old standby 'BLAME A BLACK MAN.' Lying ass Bonnie knows the judicial system is biased towards blacks and I wouldn't be surprised if she got off with a mere rap on the knuckles with a damn ruler. ' nation under God indivisible with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.' MY ASS!! I refuse to say that 'pledge of allegiance' cuz it doesn't APPLY to my community. If there is ANY justice in the universe...cuz it's definitely not in the U.S. court systems...i ask that Karma comes around and bite that bitch square on her ass. source

I rest my damn case.


This just in: Poor innocent (inject saracasm here) and white Bonnie Sweeten and her innocent (no sarcasm) daughter Julia (9) were ALLEGEDLY abducted by TWO BLACK MEN in broad damn daylight in prejudice ass Pennylvania. Are you fucking kidding me?! Why are white people-who find themelves over their head in muck & mire, so quick to blame black men when they fuck up?? That's right I said it. Why?? Because society is quick to believe that shit about black people. How many times have black men been blamed for white people's crimes?? Susan Smith drowned her kids (submerged them underwater in her car)-DOWN SOUTH- blamed a black man, Charles Stuart of Boston blamed a black man for killing his wife and unborn child-he jumped to his death when it was discoverered HE KILLED them for insurance money. Are you kidding me??

This part, this part right here is what puckers my ass:

Police and the FBI say Sweeten made a cell phone call Tuesday from a car trunk.
She told a 911 dispatcher that she and Julia were kidnapped after the car struck her SUV.
There initially were reports of holes in Sweeten's story, but Klaver
said those weren't the focus of the investigation.
"We're not concerned about any inconsistencies," he (JJ Klaver, FBI spokesperson) told FOX News. "Our main concern is finding that young girl and her mother.

It is not clear whether Sweeten knew the two black men she said abducted her and her daughter around 2 p.m. (HELL NO, THERE WERE NO BLACK MEN!!)

Question: Why in the hell wasn't there a concern for the inconsistencies?? I understand that statement was made before Bonnie & Julia were found, but that was stupid to have said it out loud! I say SEPARATE THEIR ASSES and focus in on what baby Julia has to say. She'll tell the truth.

While, I'm glad they've been found, I'm curious as to the truth. IF it turns out they were in fact abducted in BROAD DAYLIGHT no less, by black men-I will have no problem apologizing and deleting this post. I hope like hell I am wrong. I have been wrong before lol I'm just ready to hear the truth...just as is everyone else.

~Story still developing~

source: Fox News

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