Monday, June 01, 2009

Why is this so damn funny??

I love me some Eminem...depressing ass and all. I have to ask...why does he insist on attending MTV Awards when it seems to me...they live to insult him. Yesterday at the MTV Awards ceremony, Bruno (an Austrian TV reporter portrayed by Sasha Cohen, ***thanks Tha Exaggerator!!) was hovering in the air and lands ass/nuts first in Eminem's face. Why in the hell is that funny?? I'm not sure if the antic was staged or not...but if it was then Eminem deserves an Oscar for best dramatic actor and best Exit scene...cuz he and his entourage exited stage left.

bruno09 6 11 Bruno/Eminem MTV Movie Awards Stunt Was Rehearsed

above image courtesy of BeatCrave

(Sasha Cohen as 'Bruno')

Check it out:

MTV really need to hang it up...enough already.

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