Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Embattled Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers' mugshot

Monica Conyers and husband, State Rep. John Conyers

Detroit Councilwoman Former Councilwoman (as of July 6th) has dug her own grave. From bar fights, to cussing out police officers, to disrespecting her fellow Detroit Council peers on camera, to even going on the defense with a young teenager when her behavior was questioned, Monica Conyers is a troubled woman. Sadly, her latest escapade can and most likely will land her behind bars. Monica Conyers, a lawyer and wife of State Senator John Conyers, has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes ($6k and jewelry). She's currently facing up to 5yrs of prison time. source

Time after time, those who are voted into office (not only in Detroit) who have sworn to uphold the law and serve the community are continually blinded by money. Detroit, no stranger to scandals (remember former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick) cannot eschew the ominous reputation that's been bestowed upon the city due to the dirty dealings of its officers. I love the city of Detroit, but not those who are in office. It is simply a matter of time before one of Detroit's representatives causes us to bow our heads in shame. I was motivated to move out of Detroit 3yrs ago and I haven't looked back.

While we tend to get upset the blame is two-fold. We are too lazy or fearful to do a little research on those who are running for office so we take the word of friends, family and then follow their vote. These clowns who are on Detroit's council do not sit themselves in those chairs...they're voted in...BY YOU the constituents. Detroit-when is enough, enough?? When in the hell will the city of Detroit TAKE BACK THEIR DAMN CITY?!

State Rep. John Conyers says he had no knowledge of his wife's actions. Story still developing.

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