Saturday, July 04, 2009

Alright Sarah, what's REALLY going on??
Gosh darn, where do I begin?? Blogs, emails and news outlets have been thrown into a tailspin with Alaska's most precious resource-Sarah Palin- announcing that she's stepping down as Governor. She's resigning. hmmmm. What's really making people talk is during her press conference (i haven't viewed it yet) she spoke in circles, rambled, and used analogies that pretty much thoroughly confused the listening audience.

What's going on with Sarah One thing for certain, she's not about to fade to black anytime soon, as I've discovered she LOVES the limelight. source

Possible reasons for stepping down (j/k):
  • Another scandal (more unpaid for clothes??) is about to be revealed in the Palin clan
  • She's accepted an offer to appear on DWTS
  • American Idol has added Palin as a judge (i guess Paula IS leaving!! lol)
  • Entertainment correspondent for either MTV, ET, or even TMZ (it cud happen!!)
  • Will be full-time grandma to Tripp Easton
  • Will travel the world as an MJ impersonator, or better yet-Tina Fey impersonator!
UPDATE: ok, I'm watching Palin's announcement. WTH is she referring to when she says, "only dead fish go with the flow??" Ok, she keeps saying 'I'll work for..." is she running for President-seriously, if not-then how will she work for others-in what capacity? She's choosing 'more freedom for Alaska' and is speaking on how much fun some Governors have, as 'lame ducks.' They (other governors) collect their check without doing anything for their State. Ok, she's transferred power to Lt. Governor Parnell. She is seriously speaking in damn circles! It's like she has this helluva secret-alludes to the secret-but won't tell who it is she's referring to. Ok...she just made the basketball analogy. She's passing the ball to Parnell so the team (Alaska) can win. Trust her with her decision and know there's no more politics as usual. She said her decision has been in the works for a while. Uh-huhhhh After prayer and consideration she made her decision (ok, she mentioned -somewhat-religion. Everytime religion is alluded to, there's usually drama to go with it-we'll see). She said her children assisted her (in additon to prayer and careful consideration) in helping with her decision (whom she polled and the count was unanimous) but did not mention her husband (though he was standing by her side). She asked her kids: Do you want me to make a positive difference and fight for all our children from outside the Gov's office? (I'm sorry I can't imagine Sarah posing such an eloquent question to her kids, lol-it was probably more like: Gosh darnit, would you guys like it if I stayed at home with you guys and laughed at Obama's ears on TV?!) She said there were '4 yes' and 1 HELL YEAH, and the HELL YEAH response is what sealed the deal. Oh that Sarah, she just one pile of mush!! She goes on to say her son Trigg (who has Down Syndrome) has been ridiculed by mean spirited adults. She's going to take her fight for Alaska in a new direction...(care to elaborate Sarah??) Maybe you guys can make sense out of her speech...she looked good in that red suit, tho!

Watch Palin's Speech:

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