Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why is Pat Robertson still relevant??

I think by now, most people who I've talked to am aware that I no longer go to church, nor associate with Christianity. Some are understanding and others are the exact reason why I left...pure and unadulterated ignorance.

I've been away from my blog for awhile now, but in light of the Haiti Earthquake and its devastating status...I felt compelled to post (or vent lol) about televangelist Pat Robertson. I won't ask why is he still on TV, because with a net worth estimated between $200million and $1billion the answer to that question is painfully clear.

I am concerned that Pat Robertson continual gibberish is still being gobbled up and supported by many Christians. His latest words in regards to Haiti and the reason behind the Earthquake were quirky, stupid and that of a madman. If what Robertson said was true, the Earthquake was due to Haiti having a pact with a devil, what about the missionaries and Haitians who practiced Christianity and were killed? Were those lost lives simply...collateral damage??

How do you feel about the latest stupid thing Pat Robertson has said??

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