Saturday, June 06, 2009

Reason #4,230,981 Why I wish I My Parents Weren't Black!!

I'm getting so tired of niccashyt, but when it's niccashyt in the name of God...let's just say a jar of the old formula of Ambi skin lightening cream wouldn't hurt right about now...sigh This is why I can't stand church and Kristians-shyt like the video below. gawd!!

I passed thru one of fave blogs Crunk & Disorderly and came across this mess. Where is a thunderbolt straight from the throne of heaven when you need it?! Jesus Christ Bail Bonds-wtf?! I'm done *drops the microphone and walks off*

oh yeah b4 I forget,not only does he get out criminals, but he'll also get out your roaches, rats, fleas and any other scarey pests!! my gawd

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