Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gramps Kills 6y/o Grandson...

I'm aware of the MI (state I live in) story about the grown daughter who ate her father's dinner roll after he left a note saying DO NOT EAT MY DINNER ROLL-which she ate anyway and resulted in daddy's death. Obviously, they had a serious issue of disrespect going on.

This story in GA says gramps (Robert L. Clark, 55) allegedly killed his grandchild (6y/o, Michael Levine) because he dropped a watermelon. According to Police Chief Gasset, little Michael 'either dropped the watermelon or cut it prematurely.' I REFUSE to sensationalize this tragedy (like other stories I've read) by saying this child was killed over a watermelon. That's not true. This baby (who's dad served time for drugs in prison-WHERE'S MAMA??) died at the hands of a bully who lost a moment of control. According to AJC, the authorities (911) has been called 6 or 7 times in the past. Nice. A neighbor, Rita Whitman said she had witnessed gramps hollering at the kids (Michael has a 5y/o brother also-who was unharmed), The one that he killed, he did yell at him a lot. You did see the occasional explosion of anger. He would just use terrible language, cussing so bad at that one boy. Funny how neighbors want to get involved after the fact. smh

Well gramps got shot by the police, and grandma got shot by grandpa. This is a sad story all around. Gramps'll get some time behind bars, Grandma will get time to live a life w/out abuse, and hopefully in time little brother will be able to put this awful tragedy behind him.


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