Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Speaking of Crazy Grandpas...

Another gramps was on the warpath...this one was in Washington-not the state. At the age of 88, James Von Brunn finally got the nerve up to do something all Neo-Nazis want to do-take out folks that weren't white. He was successful today in his killing- a black security guard Stephen Tyron Johns, died today as a result of being shot.
Based on what I've read about Brunn, he's nothing more than a whiner who blames other peole for his drama, issues, circumstances etc. He has quite a history and even served time in prison for 6 yrs at the age of 62-dude was a serious late bloomer. Be that as it may he's in the hospital-another security guard shot him-and we know he's going to be locked up. But seriously at the age of 88, do you REALLY THINK Brunn gives a rip about serving time?? I don't. I'm not going to spout off hateful rhetoric about white supremacists, skinheads, neo-nazis and their b.s. cuz frankly-they all bore me. They read from the same script and seriously-I have my own drama to contend with. If your interest is truly piqued and you want to know more about Gramps and his abbreviated rampage, click here>>

Thoughts & sympathies are with the Johns family.

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