Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Because Juanita Bind'em is self-absorbed, greedy and shrewd- I mean she has stooped to the level of pimping her own domestic situation, she is a very rich woman. Her husband choked and stomped the daylights out of her and when the smoke cleared, in a moment of clarity, she had a new marketing angle. I have to admit- ole Juanita is an original. Greedy, but an orignal just the same. If mama's not too careful, Bind'em will have her up on the auction block next! *not bad-who's her surgeon?>>>

(side bar) *Words of advice to Mother Bind'em--NEVER be alone in the same room with your chile, baby Bind'em will slap a code on your back and sell you on her website!

Having said that, I've given up trying to figure out what makes this woman tick-that is besides the Spirit of error, haughty, willful disobedience and spirit of Jezebel. So my question is that so many "christian" women have fallen prey to her forked tongue, talking out of the side of her neck? She prophe-lies all the time, and she hits the gullible and vulnerable in the gut by challenging them to send money for a blessing. (insert revelation here: GOD doesn't need your money to bless you! His Word says-YOU HAVE NOT-CUZ YOU ASK NOT-Or you've asked wrong-I now return to the original post...) And she's laughing all the way to the bank--WITH YOUR $$$$$ (see post, "pimpin' ain't ez, but it sho' is profitable). Coming to a plasma or youtube near you...once again the profitess shall speak. As if the "face of domestic violence" hasn't given enough interviews, the "face" (recently surgically altered) is giving MORE FACE TIME, by appearing Good Morning America. She's certainly making her rounds. No Chitlin' circuit for Bind'em!!

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SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM JUANITA BYNUM: Televangelist is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America but first asks followers to sow emergency seed.
(September 26, 2007) source:
Last weekend, a YouTube video emerged of televangelist Juanita Bynum asking her partners to sow an emergency seed -- any seed you can sow: $300, $500, $1,000 -- because she has been led by God to a new "threshing floor."
The new property, 30 acres of land with 12 acres of lakefront, will be used for the new Juanita Bynum Ministry. The property costs approximately $200,000. Bynum apparently has to "pick up everything and move it for her safety." Check out the threshing floor gift video on YouTube. It was originally posted on Bynum's site but has been removed. After being beaten by her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, in August, Bynum christened herself the "new face of domestic violence." Since the incident, Bynum filed for divorce and made only a few select public appearances. She is scheduled to make her next appearance on ABC's Good Morning America this morning (September 26). Bynum also attended a fundraising gala earlier this month for Barak Obama at Oprah's California estate. Oprah invited the televangelist to the event. After initially saying he would contest the divorce, the Bishop Weeks says he will go along with his wife's wishes. He said the devil made him do it and he still hopes to reconcile with Bynum. He faces charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threats . As we previously reported, Bishop Weeks is also having an "everything must go" sale on his website.
Juanita-You betta recognize that repentance and A SINCERE contrite heart is a beautiful thing. You used to know that. God bless you.

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