Friday, October 12, 2007

Did You Ask Justin Timberlake Those Questions, too??

"Why Did I Want To Get Crunk on That Man?!"

As is common when a movie is being released, Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson have been their rounds promoting Perry's new movie, "Why Did I Get Married?" One of the shows that interviewed, "Good Day" on Channel 13 in Sacramento(CBS), took several jabs at Janet Jackson. Based on what I've seen of Janet, she's always humble and gracious in interviews, and this interview was no exception. However, Tyler Perry was not having it. This idiot of an interviewer brought up of all things...THE SUPERBOWL FIASCO! That's right you heard me. Everytime the idiot took a jab at Janet, Perry stepped in and protected her. (honey, that's what a man is supposed to do!) There was no relevance of the superbowl to the movie. Now... had he brought up her marriages, I could understand him going there.

My questions are: Did Janet Jackson, uncover her own breast at the Superbowl or did Justin Timberlake??? Why is it that no one has disrespected, joked, ribbed, kidded (or whatever) Justin Timberlake regarding the Superbowl? Who designated J.J. as the scapegoat, sacrificial lamb?

Oh--you don't believe me? Well click for yourself:
watch the madness

Kudos to Mr. Class himself, Tyler Perry!

You better recognize!

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