Monday, October 22, 2007

*It's M.M. Monday!* Ending Monday, on a high note- no pun intended!

Jesus has taken the wheel-and I hope He NEVER gives it back!

(emphasis by Ivent)

Mama Whitney was a surprise guest at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks London... ( on Oct 18th).

She made her first visit to London in 10 years to sing a farewell song to Valentino. Prince V says he’s not making anymore Ready to Wear clothing.
Mama is looking fabulous too.
I have to give props where props is due.
first and foresmost-I must give it to my heavenly Father.
I KNOW He covered, dunked, submerged, held Whitney, under the blood of his Son, Christ Jesus!
It is a miracle that chile, is alive-and everyone knows it!!
It was touch and go for years, and i thought she was going to be in the same position as Britney S. No kids, hot mess (ok she was a hot mess), but she didn't lose her daughter! And it looks like Bobbi Kristina isn't being fast anymore, on myspace. Now B.K. is looking nice, and not too grown.
God is good!
Keep up the good work, Whitney, we know you have a testimony!

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