Monday, October 01, 2007

Need to hear from the Lord? Then Start Listening to Your Children!

TWO LITTLE BOYS TEACH THEIR MOTHER TIMELESS TRUTHS: Children's Innocent Words Reveal lessons in self-love, faith, and trust in new Book.
(Source:,October 1, 2007)

Kim Parker, author

"Out of the Mouths of Babes: Spiritual Insights for Practical Living" is a book that highlights the power of words.
It reveals how two little boys force their mother to take deep self-inventory and face, head-on, the many challenges she encounters.
In thoughtful, insightful, yet humorous language, author Kimberly K. Parker transparently exposes her life experiences in hope of transforming others.
With gentle, yet direct suggestions, Parker encourages readers to listen to children and learn from them for she believes without doubt that they are our greatest teachers.
"Out of the Mouths of Babes" is at Kimberly K. Parker's Web site,
Amen for Kimberly Parker, for humbling herself and seeing the gifts her children are. Speaking from personal experience, my two children were instrumental in the relationship my mother and I now have-it'll be 1 year December 2007. No one wants to receive truth from their children, it's human nature. However, how dare we - stinking-thinking-prideful "flesh creatures"(thanks Pastor Ellis!) believe when our kids are making sense-we tell them contrary, because we don't want to admit God can put correction on the mouth of our children?! When my kids ministered TO ME the EXACT thing I ministered to them (in the midst of a very heated exchange with my mother)-I looked at them, didin't make any excuses and said,I don't know how!!!!!!!!!! And I then said-PRAY FOR ME!! And they did. The fervent prayers of the RIGHTEOUS (age does not matter!) availeth much. Today I can say, I LOVE MY MOTHER! It took 38years to confess that. Praise God for His patience!!
Family, you better recognize the peace you're seeking may be on the tip of your child's tongue-Let them speak!!

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