Friday, October 19, 2007

UPDATE:: T.I. Better Get Comfortable! *SMH*

T.I. Remains in J.A.I.L.

Famous or Infamous (you decide) rapper, T.I. aka Clifford Harris, is on chill-at least for now. His hearing was today and his lawyer Ed Garland, requested that he be released on a $2.2m bond, with home monitoring(I know he wasn't planning on going back to his place after ATF publicized his address?!). Until an approved list of visitors, and home monitoring system can be satisfied, T.I. will stay right where he jail without the bail. The judge, Alan Baverman, did shock the courtroom when he requested T.I. come up with the $2.2m IN CASH, that's right you heard me...IN CASH...with denominations no larger than $20-sike, I added that part! haha, but seriously he has to pay in cash.

Hmmmmmm, when that creepy guy who was an heir to the Max Factor empire drugged, raped and FILMED women being sexually assaulted, I don't recall the judge demanding BAIL PAID IN CASH AND IN FULL! I forgot--2 different books, equals 2 sets of laws.

Not only was T.I.'s family in attendance but also reps from the record company, who were ready to post in excess of $1m for T.I.'S bail. Honey...they know who feeds them, and keeps them in those designer suits, ok?

Because of his past criminal history, he poses as a risk to the public and therefore must surrender his passport, can't drive blah, blah etc etc. it has also been revealed that this manchild has 1/2 lb of weed in the car...what in the ...ok...I almost lost my salvation. When this manchild screws up, he really screws up!?

If convicted, T.I. will face 10 years and $250,000 fine per count.
Now...I don't know how many counts are against him, but for anyone who KNOWS HOW TO COUNT...that's a lotta dead presidents.

It's sad, and a shame...that again..another rapper bites the dust. I will never understand why it is, when these young men make it against all odds, they go back to what they were trying to get away from. AND GET CAUGHT UP....but always want to thank God or thank Jesus. Are they thanking Him when they're locked up? Also in the news was T.I's baby mama, "Tiny" aka Tameka Cottle, of Xcape (bet she wishes could Xscape right now!) was charged with possession of marijuana and ecstasy, in addition to being possibly pregnant with his second child source --you cannot make this stuff up! They currently have a young son together.

The miracle in this is not, T.I. being declared not guilty, but in turning away from this lifestyle that seems to beguile the black male.

You all betta recognize...this is real life, and literally T.I.'s life is in the hands of people who could care less about him.

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