Thursday, November 15, 2007


When You See Crazy, Cross the Street!!
(Don't let Jan come near you!!)

There is more drama surrounding "Dr. Jan" (if that's his real name!)as this story unfolds,
than any episode of the LifeTime Channel.

In a post dated 11.13.07 , I couldn't understand why Discovery Health allowed this disaster of a human being to have his own show on plastic surgery, seeing as how he's been getting in trouble for years. read my post it seems TMZ is now wondering that as well.

In addition to that, it seems that Oprah's fact-checking department has once again "missed it." Remember the author who lied to Oprah?
Well, you can now add Dr. Jan to the same list.
check this out

This man is not qualified to perform plastic surgery on a toilet bowl, let alone lifting butt cheeks, the other cheeks, or augmenting mammary glands-heck, can he even spell "mammary?? I bet he can spell Courvoisier!

Need more proof??
watch this 2.5 minute video expose'

People, this is ridiculous.
Do your homework when seeking a plastic surgeon, shoot do extra credit too, just don't RUSH into trying to achieve a more beautiful you.
You're wonderfully and fearfully made anyhow says God!
Self-acceptance. It's a beautiful thang! :)

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