Sunday, November 11, 2007

The "Dog" on Larry King Live

The Dog looks like a Puppy

I would be prone to believe Dog when he said used the N-word not in a racial way, IF HE HAD NOT SAID on the phone call, if Lyssa brought home a F-ing N*gg*r, we'd all be mad-paraphrasing. There was no way to misinterpret that part of the conversation...however, I've decided to move on.

This video is 7:05 long...but it leaves you hanging in the end. If this fallout is what it took, in order to make The Dog a changed man...i'm all for it. I did feel sorry for him in this interview. The man looks like a whipped...well, a whipped Dog!

I forgive him--and i'm extending an olive branch as a gesture (see pic at right)>>>
I have other stories to get angry over and to seek justice for!

Here's the interview--YOU DECIDE:

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