Sunday, November 11, 2007


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I remember when Father sent a laborer to minister the Word to me.

I was angry, bitter, suicidal & homicidal.

But yet, he saw fit to send someone to tell me He loved me.

It was on a Sunday in May 2002, and I was at work.

I tried avoiding this woman, at every turn-but God will have his perfect way.

I was entrenched in sin, and instead of ministering to the sin (as many christians do) Lanette ministered to me-with God's perfectly flawless unconditional love.

I was saved on my job, on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

The next day it was soooo quiet (you know that scary, creepy kind of quiet??) I thought someone was in my home.

Someone was. God. I had been formally introduced to peace.
Without Him-I am nothing, and I'll always be grateful for His son Christ Jesus dying for me.


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