Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have to pay taxes ....and so do you!

  • DAMON DASH IN TAX TROUBLE?: Mogul reportedly owes $2 million to state of New York; Cicely Tyson, Ben Vereen targeted as well.

*Jay-Z's former business partner Damon Dash is said to owe over $2 million in state taxes in New York, reports the New York Post.

The 36-year-old former CEO and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records sits on a reported $50 million fortune, but has reportedly failed to pay taxes on the lot. SmileyCentral.com

Dash, whose pricey possessions include a $400,000 chauffeured Maybach sedan, isn't the only tax deadbeat, according to the state of New York. Cicely Tyson reportedly owes $124,320, while Ben Vereen is $119,825 in the hole. Also, Ornette Coleman, who won the Pulitzer Prize for music this year, owed $7,814, the Post said.

In April, Dash filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against his accountant for submitting several years of erroneous tax returns on his behalf. Hope he did a background check on his current accountant! SmileyCentral.com


To the Queen of Class, and Sir Style I extend leniency.

If it was in my power Ms. Cicely & Ben wouldn't have to pay a dime-they've paid their dues...LITERALLY (paving the way for future black entertainers) & FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING.

Damon Dash: Stop feuding with your wife in public, and send a check --wait since you love Europe maybe you'll understand this spelling, send a cheque to the IRS as in yesterday. To quote my bigma:

To quote bigma: "Make haste, make haste (hurry your butt up!)

"Make haste, make haste!" (hurry your butt up)

to the IRS

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