Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kanye Speaks About His Mom...

I believe in keeping it real at all times--and everyone can't handle that...

Having said that, great interest has been generated concerning the welfare of Kanye West. Below is a video of Kanye speaking about his mom...for those of you who wants to act brand new and act as if you've never heard, said, or entertained the thought of a curse word -i'm going to call you a liar (start forgiving me now) and then I'll gently suggest you skip this post, and go to my next one. Piety is not welcome on this here post.

Understandably this young man has anger.
These are not MY WORDS, they're his.
Some parts of the video is muffled...for a transcript of Kanye's words click here:
read Kanye's Words

-My prayer for Kanye is that after some of the pain recedes he's able to allow God to come in and minister to the dark recesses of pain. HE is able.

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