Monday, November 19, 2007

Dr. Jan Adams aka "Jack The Ripper"*: What A Piece of Work! *thanks BC :)

What A Piece of Work

On the same day as Dr. Donda West's funeral services, Dr. Jan Adams will be on Larry King Live. Hmmmm. I don't expect Larry King to be sensitive to the West family's grieving, I mean...they're not Tammy Faye, but this couldn't have been scheduled ONE DAY AFTERWARDS. It's a live show for goodness sakes.
Many people are clamoring to be on Larry's show-why, I haven't a clue. His questions are truly elementary-but I digress. It's too bad that yet again, common decency continues to elude Dr. Jan Adams.

I will not watch the airing...I may jump through the screen and choke both of the men, so I'll wait until afterwards and read any relative articles.
I can be objective-for those interested the show airs tomorrow, November 20th on CNN at 9pm, ET.

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