Saturday, November 17, 2007

In This Case, Unfortunately It Looks Like I'm Right :(

On November 7 th I posted an article on Police Officer Drew Peterson and his missing wife-much younger wife #4 Stacy.
My words at the end of the article were, and I paraphrase- I had a feeling dude killed Stacy and his 3rd wife.
November 7 post

Remember he said wife #3-Kathleen Savio "drowned in the bathtub."
We all may not be police officers but we do know 2 +2 does not equal 7!

At the request of the family, former NY Medical Examiner Michael Baden performed an autopsy on Drew's 3rd wife and has determined she was placed in the bathtub AFTER she died following a struggle with her crazy friggin' husband in 2004.

Baden said, see Peterson case update, her bruises were consistent with those from a beatdown. Control-freak..not surprised.
Also according to a letter Kathleen wrote her family, that bully pulled a knife from around his leg and threatened to kill her.
Oh. Who did he think he was Tarzan?!

Hope he has a
on stand-by, he's going to need one.

What I don't understand is how stupid police officers who commit crimes, really are!
Here you are a police officer committing crimes, but you actually believe you won't get caught.
You're supposed to use logical reasoning as an officer, aren't you?
Well, he's not a police officer any longer-he has since resigned, and I bet it was STRONGLY SUGGESTED that he resign...what do you think??

More to follow.

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