Saturday, November 17, 2007

What In The Crack-Heroin-Hell Is Wrong With Amy?!

Lord, I know that no one knows the time of your return,
but I'm begging you to come sooner rather than later --everyday we see things that are pointing to the imminent day of your return! If you're not coming today, can you PLEASE...JESUS PLEASE TAKE THE WHEEL, SNATCH THE WHEEL OUT OF AMY WINEHOUSE'S HANDS!! in your name I pray! amen

I like celebrity news! I like it simply because I'm NOT a celebrity.
Having said that, I was cruising thru, and read a post on Amy Winehouse.
Ok, cool. The post made reference to her drug use (old news), but upon further reading the poster was mentioning Amy was supposed to be performing. Ok. Amy's onstage, Amy has a microphone posted in front of her, musicians are playing their instruments, and the background singers (Jamaican, African perhaps??) are doin' their thang.

Everybody's handlin' biz.
Except Amy.

Amy, it seems, is more interested in her beehive/storage space.
There seems to be a treasure of some sort hidden
in that teased,back-combed treasure trove, and Amy's intent on finding whatever goody awaits her.

Well, the goody turns out to be a drug of some sort.

There's NO WAY you'll misunderstand what you saw, this is unbelievable!

In the MOST CONSPICUOUS MANNER, Amy Winehouse pulls the drug out of her 'hive, holds it in her hand, and as if she's in a crackhouse,proceeds to snort it.

I'm pissed, scared, and confused.
How in the world can her bony body ingest that much drug??
What is she not wanting to deal with?
What happened to Amy that she chooses to self-medicate herself into a bloody stupor, and why are promoters, record labels etc exploiting her and scheduling her for shows when she's under the influence?? Many times, she's incoherent. You can't make out the lyrics of her songs.

Lord, please this pray is for Amy, Lindsay, Britney, Tracy Morgan, and other celebrities who riding a meteorite straight to self-destruction.
Someone call A& E for a "Celebrity Intervention!" Stat!

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