Sunday, November 18, 2007

Remember This???


Recently, I presented Serena with Y.B.R's first annual Spirit of Perseverance
Award. For those who are not aware of what the Spirit of Perseverance award:
... presented to those who knew they looked a hot mess, and attempted to "fix it." This included morphing into something that only a cat would drag in, only a mother could love, or a blind person could justify. Because of their strong independent nature, our Spirit of Perseverance Award recipients refused the help of a stylist, and blew THOUSANDS of dollars buying several (unflattering) hairstyles, accessories, outfits, shoes, lotion w/out lanolin or shea butter. Not one to give up easily these recipients knew they were almost to their promised land and therefore continued to persevere, adapt, do it and stick-to-it, until heaven shined upon them and they were FINALLY were able to go out in public and not be talked about in tabloids, blogs, friends, family, co-stars, sponsors, fellow-athletes, children, Simon Cowell, etc. This award is given when consistency exists. Because everyone can have a "good day."

The "powers that be" at Y.B.R. (me) have decided to present this award on a need to basis and not yearly.
Having said that..I believe Serena was sooo honored by the award bestowed upon her, that she jumped on her sidekick and told Venus.
Venus, not one to be outdone by babysis, stepped up her game-and it is on point.
Well..I received an "anonymous" text from someone who advised me to keep my eye on Venus.
Intrigued, I did just that.
Utilizing my checklist-
Lotioned appendages: check
Make up: check
Smile: check
Kind Words (esp when not in the mood to be kind): check check
Underwear not visible: check
Paparazzi feet not ran over: check
Not making a fool of self, or community (drunk, high, feuds): negative
reproachful videos (released sex tapes): negative
Length of Observation: 21 days
At the conclusion of my observation of Venus, it was apparent this chile was just as deserving of the Spirit of Perseverance Award.
So, with no further ado, for the first time in Y.B.R's 2-month history
The Spirit of Perseverance Award is being given to two people simultaneously-and their sisters!!


Somebody tell Golden Brooks, i'm still hopeful that she'll be a recipient soon and very soon!

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