Tuesday, November 13, 2007


His "Career" As A Butcher is Ova!

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I'm cruising through TMZ.COM and I seen many harsh, and negative Dr. Jan Adams (pic, left) posts. I couldn't understand why, until I came to the article that says he was Dr. Donda West's, as in Kanye West's mama, plastic surgeon. Uh-oh. I then back-tracked and read the other posts. Let me just say this: I hope he has a back up career, cuz he's toast.

You think that child's angry now...the saying goes "hell has no wrath (or fury), like a woman scorned"...shoot, Kanye can pitch a fit just like a woman. So what kind of wrath is really about to go down??

Here are several links on tmz.com with affidavits from MULTIPLE LAWSUITS, some he settled. It's about to go down peeps.

Look at what TMZ.COM has uncovered: read here, and here, and here, seen here giving erroneous information, here, here,
yes here too, and finally, here

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