Friday, December 14, 2007

New Castmates Added to "Shysters & Perverts In Jesus' Name" How far is too far?!

Jesus...Here's a Wheel, Please take it!

New Co-stars:

"Pastor" Alton 'I've overstepped all kinds of boundaries' Williams, Memphis, TN

Sis. Sherrilyn 'Helpmeet in overstepping bounds instead of praying' Williams

This Episode of "Shysters & Perverts in Jesus' Name" takes place in the boudoir via the pulpit!

Pastor A.R. Williams Shows The Women Of His Church "How to Keep Their Husbands So The Hoe Don't Get Him"
Thaddeus Matthews Blog

Members of World Overcomers were shocked on last Sunday morning when they entered the place where they assemble to worship God. In the pulpit was a Queen sized bed draped in burgundy and gold.

Members were wondering why the place that normally Pastor Alton R. Williams preaches the word of God from had turned into a large bedroom, when he entered wearing a robe and pajama pants with his bible in hand. the lights are dimmed, mode music is playing,Williams at this point lays on the bed reading from the Songs of Solomon.

While still reading the bible his wife Sherrilyn enters the sanctuary wearing a long red feathered seductive fitting gown. Mrs. Williams very seductively walks across the pulpit turn bedroom and sits on the bed next to her husband. She closes his bible and begins to rub on him, and then lefts him from the bed and very passionately embraces and kisses him. Pastor Williams whose Sunday morning freak session is designed to save marriages tells the women in the congregation "This is how to keep your husband so the Hoe don't get him".

In my opinion A.R. Williams has gone to far, the pastor who spent $260,000 to build a statue that reminds you of the Statue Of Liberty has lost his God focus and now become an entertainer willing to do anything to keep fleecing his flock of their money so that he can continue to live his luxury lifestyle.

In a time that people in the community need the Word of God for deliverance from their plights by allowing the word to get them up and motivated to make changes in their lives, this fool wants to hold Sunday morning sex classes. What about salvation and the saving of souls? I guess with New Directions Church being less than a mile away Williams is losing members which means that he is losing dollars.

So what will Williams do next Sunday, Show the men how to please their wives by performing oral sex on sister Sherrilyn, or maybe he'll give a course on the various positions of lovemaking. What ever it is you can be sure that his cult of followers at WORLD OVERCUMMERS will not get a show without paying.

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