Friday, December 14, 2007

Juanie B Showin' Out in Detroit...

Profitess Juanita Bynum

Charles Ellis III
Greater Grace Detroit


Tonight (less than an hour ago), I called a friend of mine's to touch bases with her, since I hadn't spoken to her in a couple of months.

After shooting the breeze, "Ann" brought up she saw Juanie B in Detroit at Pulpit Pimp "Bishop" Charles Ellis' church, Greater Grace Temple.
I was silent.

She then went on to say Juanie B showed her tail feathers (not her exact words)....Juanie B tripped out.
My mind said, "go on."
Ann then relayed, during Juanie's pilfering of the sheeple, I mean in the midst of Juanie's ministering, she asked for her 'black book.'
Her slave, err flunky, uhhh I mean armor bearer (i guess was her capacity) sheepishly admitted that it was at the hotel.

Diva, I mean Profitess berated this woman before the assembly at Greater Grace, addressing this woman as HER (Juanie B's) servant. Paraphrasing Juanie told the woman, this is what i'm talking about, you're here to serve are to SERVE, I ask for something you're supposed to have it, you're the servant... and proceeded to give her a tongue lashing that made Satan proud.

"Ann" confessed that she couldn't believe Juanie spoke to that woman like that especially in front of people.

But she said the worse part of the debacle was...
The sheeple (audience) AGREED WITH JUANIE B!!
After openly expressing her indignation (after all, I did say she was my friend right...we don't roll with the majority), "Ann" said the sheeple sitting next to her said to her,
(insert neckroll here)
"I KNOW you're not going against her?!"
"Her" being Juanie B.
I said and and just who is Juanie B????
"Ann" when onto say that those who gave offerings of $50+ were extended the privilege of getting out of their seats to bring their offering. "Ann" said and I quote: 'you would've thought it was the Price is Right!! Come on Down-the way those people got out of their seats!"
For those who gave $20 and were given the collection plate to pass around with your booty rooted to your seat.
I then told her about Juanie being a pulpit pimp, this blog etc etc.
*of course I sent her the link to YBR*
"Ann" said she was observing a cult-Jim Jones, and got up and left.

Also while Juanie B's in Detroit (she's visiting til Feb'08 on Wednesdays) she wanted to get her hair done. "Ann's" associate was asked to do Juanie B's hair-but Juanie had one request: bring a hair dryer.
Ok. it happens...I guess.
Well, the Detroit weaveologist showed up at Juanie's location, with dryer in hand and proceeded to move towards the interior of the room. I said "proceeded" because Ms. Pittbull-in-a-skirt aka the Servant was now doing bodyguard duty.
She asked Sis. Beweavable: who, what,where,why for etc and at about question #98...Sis. Beweavable said and i'm paraphrasing ...
'Look! she called me. I didn't call her. she's the one who didn't even have a hair dryer'...
I'm left assuming Sis. Beweavable made it out alive. I haven't heard anything contrary.
I'll keep you posted.


Not wanting to overlook pulpit pimp Charles Ellis III, "Ann" relayed a recent event that happened at Greater Grace.
A former congregant's mother had passed away and the daughter wanted to have the repast at Greater Grace since her mother was a member.
Let me preface this by saying her mother was a worshipper at Greater Grace when Ellis' father was pastor.
She was a member for approximately 50-60 years.
Ellis told the daughter she could have the repast at Greater Grace.
For $20 per head.
Mind you, mother was a member for 50+ years. Can you imagine how many tithes and offerings of mother's that is invested in that multi-million dollar edifice that's sitting on 7 mile Rd in Detroit??
Daughter, not one to be taking as a fool said:

And left.
But not before telling others congregants in the church, and they in turned left also.
"Ann" has echoed my sentiment which is to trust God, bcuz these pastors (those who are distorting God's truth) are greedy and aren't in accordance with the will of God.
They are out of order.
You Better Recognize sheeple...these NON-Anointed people cannot get you in heaven. They won't make you rich. And care only about your VALID credit/debit card, checkbook, and cash.
GOD ALMIGHTY will ask you on judgment day, WHY?? Why did you worship THEM, and not me?? What answer can you give that will satisfy God Almighty??

To "Ann"
God's Word is not a fad.
It will guide you into all truths
and I thank God that you were courageous and stood
for righteousness, and refused to be corrupted by immorality,
witchcraft, and divination.
God bless you.

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