Thursday, December 13, 2007


My Cousin in L.A. went to R. Kelly's Double Up Concert this evening and all she got were lousy crickets chirping in the parking lot!

You're Unprofessional. Unprofessional You.

My cousin Tisa is hotter than a Pinto with a cracked radiator! She took a day off of work, showered, shampooed and shined, paid $3.30+/gal gas, and navigated the treacherous California freeways

to get to the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA to see Keisha Cole @PissPot's (R.Kelly) concert TONIGHT. Did I mention the tix were $100?!

Imagine her surprise when she pulled up and the only music she heard, came from the crickets rubbing their hind legs together in the parking lot of the Honda Center. No Pisspot. No Keisha. No J. Holiday (don't know who he is), no background singers, waterboy, towel boy, entourae...NO ONE.
Not one to be daunted to she walked up to the door only to be given a flier by a security guard which read:

"The Honda Center 12.13.07-R.Kelly concert has been cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase." No radio announcement, smoke signal, text message, email...I guess it was easier to hit up Kinko's and run off flyers.

Piss Pot, Keisha, J.Holiday and crew were a no show due to low ticket sales.

To quote Tisa: "I don't care if your fan base is 10 or 10,000-get your a** out there and perform your butt off, people took off of work to go see these people-R.Kelly needs to stop being a hater, he's jealous of Ne-Yo, I wanted to see Ne-yo and Keisha, not him. Kelly's jealous. He's almost washed up...he's a hater. He needs 20,000 people to show up and perform, and only 2,000 people bought tix...we weren't enough to show up for a concert??? I could've stayed home and watched "Grey's Anatomy!"
Remember what Ne-Yo said? Ne-Yo Speaks

I forewarned my cuz and told her PissPot is known for his drama queen antics in Detroit. From showing up 2 hours late, to performing for 15 minutes, to canceling in mid-tour his concert with Joe Camel, err Jay Z.
Tisa had great seats, the 10th row. I told her that was too close anyway...piss could've still landed on her! I'm sorry peeps, but thats my fam.
It's too bad, I think Keisha could've packed a house without PissPot.
Because of Kelly, Keisha's fans had to miss out too.

When IS HE going to court??

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