Thursday, December 13, 2007

**UPDATE** Speaking Of Living On The Edge...Miracle

Man who drove off parking deck charged with DUI

Emergency workers rescued a man who was trapped in his car after it went over the railing in a parking deck and dangled seven floors above the ground.

Steel cables on the side of the parking caught the car late Wednesday. But all four wheels appeared free of the parking deck in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood.

Brant Sanderlin/AJC
Onlookers on the ground applauded the rescue at the parking deck, which is attached to the Realm condominiums in the 3300 block of Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

To reach the car without dislodging it, emergency workers went to the parking deck's top floor — one floor above the car — and rappelled down the side of the building. Then, a firefighter broke out the car's passenger side window, secured a harness around the driver and pulled him to safety, Atlanta Fire Capt. Bill May said.

Police Lt. Bob England said the car's air bag deployed, but the man hit his head on the windshield, knocking him unconscious and keeping him still while rescuers on the scene studied the precarious situation.

"It looks like he sped up the ramp and went right through the wires," England said. "The wires did what the wires are supposed to do."

The man, whose name was not immediately released, was brought to a hospital.


There's a saying that God protects "fools and babies."

In this instance, there seems to be some truth.

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