Monday, December 10, 2007

Ni**a Please!

Hip Hop's favorite gremlin*, Lil' Dirt-Dirt, err Wayne has clearly lost his mind!

(some editing by Ivent)


Rap superstar Lil Wayne (pictured left) stunned a journalist when he demanded the writer treat him on a par with late civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King Jr.

The star, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., surprised an interviewer for XXL magazine when he likened himself to African American icons Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

Asked about the perception he's over-saturating the market with his music, Wayne responds, "Darling, I don't care what nobody think. Talk to me like you talk to Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. You're not going to ask him about what he thinks about what somebody said about him. You ask him about his greatness, and his greatness only."


Negro, you must have lost your mind!

Because I do not want to go down to the same stupidity level as this child, I'm going to leave this for my blog fam to keep it real and show Lil Dirt Dirt why he could NEVA EVA EVA be on the same level as MLK or MX. For other pic of Dirt Dirt click here

he BETTER Recognize!!

*although lil dirt dirt bears a striking resemblance to a gremlin from The Gremlins movie...alas it is not lil dirt dirt. Any resemblance is purely coincidental and is an issue that should be discussed with his mama...on a lighter note: it is totally hilarious to boot! ;)

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